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Decision Makers Search

26.12.2019, Отели,

I am getting to the key decision-makers 👨‍💼

A decision-maker is a person who decides important things in a company

Evgenia Yagodina

I would like you to offer your products and services more effectively! 💯

Evgenia Yagodina is a decision-makers search specialist. She is the assistant editor of Moscow Business Times (Moscow, Russia) ✅

Her professional experience includes 10 years in sales. She has worked with Hyatt, Tesla, Hansa, A2, and other companies ✅


One company — many contacts 💯

Each contact is checked manually 👋

I try to find out the corporate culture and social connections. I have a set of different options and tools.


For international markets:

  • 2 USD per 1 decision marker + 40 USD per 8 working hours 📍
  • 1 VIP decision marker — on request 📍
  • Search for a producer — from 100 USD 📍
  • Search for a product or service — from 100 USD 📍


I have been looking for manufacturers in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Normally, I send a lot of requests, conduct a price comparison. That makes it possible to make well-founded decisions.

I reached the top of rating ✅ (the biggest online jobs platform in Russia).


In Russian


+79851456021 (WhatsApp), (preferred option)