Russian interpreter

Dmitry Yagodin is a Russian interpeter


Dmitry Yagodin

Dmitry Yagodin is a Russian interpeter. Russian is his native tongue.

Dmitry is the editor of Moscow Business Times. He has worked with the Australian Ambassador to Russia (see the interview).

Dmitry’s ability to speak the English language is confirmed by IELTS 9.0. He graduated from Сhulalongkorn University., +79851456021 (WhatsApp)


— Tranlsation from English to Russian (or from Russian to English) — 14.3 USD per 1800 characters (including spaces).


Bank card (VISA). 50% prepayment

With the Australian Ambassador to Russia Mr. Paul Myler

Dmitry worked with World Bank, Louis Vuitton, VTB Bank, Pilkington (UK).

Pilkington (UK) — the biggest manufacture in the world

— Pilkington — «Dmitry has done such a great job!» (Ivan Buyanov, Partnerships Division)
— Louis Vuitton — «Well done!»
— — «Nice» (Julia Denshikova, Vice-president), +79851456021 (WhatsApp) рекомендует

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